The First Release

In 2014 Drittes Reich was released as the first swedish album from the artist Sekalita. Going under the alias JM Erikson a total number of four albums were posted on the digital forum Spotify after that.

Under the Label Filippa Records and publishing, a number of singles also have been released under this alias.

The Songs on Drittes Reich:

Billig Smutstvätt

Din Älskarinna 

Vem Fan Vill Vänta



Faxa Bort Mig


Så Säg Att Du Vill

Nörden Regerar

Ytterligare Uteliggare


Ge Mig ett Hopp För Fan


Sekalita is not a porn star - neither a nut case, however much she would like to be that - there are surely others doing those things better than her. So who is she then?

Sekalita is a half-swedish/half-german musicproducer and singer/songwriter who has recorded and released five albums since 2014, whereas two of them are in swedish and three of them in english. Most of the songs on the Albums have been recorded in the livingroom/bedroom, and some of them in friends studios and reheasalrooms. After that shes mixed the material at home and released it on an own Label, Filippa Records and publishing.

Situated in Gothenburg, stuck in a day job, being a single parent there is little time for creativity and recording/mixing. "Before I used to record friends stuff as well, and help them out with arranging and mixing, but I had to let that go of that since my life just took another turn. These days I have to focus on family and money to get around, and I had to let a lot of my social network around music just because of that I just have a poor backup. I am sorry about that - but things look like that when you are not supported by neither a strong fan base nor a strong company/label."

Pick Up The Dogshit

Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi

All That Jazz

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